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whenibcomequeen's Journal

30 December 1963
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Jenova has a great body. She has a full bust, tiny waist, and great hips. She looks deceptively young. The only thing that hints at her age is her silver hair, but that's not truely a sign of her age as she has always had white hair. She is also rather tall, being around 5' 9".
Jenova has a cruel personality. She's out for her own personal gain. She is a pro at being deceptive. She can also be incredibly seductive.

The only people she seems to care at all about are her four sons. Though she is even twisted with them. She babies them, but belittles them with the same words. She will, however, protect her boys. Though it is uncertain as to whether she does this because she legitimately cares for them or because she needs them for her own reasons.
How Jenova Got to Malaise
Jenova lived in an orphanage until she was six years old, never knowing who her family was. She was a quite child who couldn't have cared less for the other children around her. Not long after her sixth birthday, Jenova was adopted by a man of the name Professor Gast. She wasn't excited as would be expected of many children, which ended up being a good thing. Not long after her adoption was finalized, she was sent to a lab to be researched on. After nine years of being researched on, it was decided Jenova would birth a child for further study. At age sixteen she gave birth to a boy who was named Sephiroth. She never saw the child after he was born. This affected her in a surprising manor, causing her to have a hatred for the scientists that she hadn't had before. Jenova was kept under strong surveillance after several attempts to murder her captors and escape.

Experiments continued to be conducted on the woman. Eight years later, Jenova's first child was apparently deemed a success (though she was unsure what that meant), and they wanted her to have more children. In the following three years, Jenova gave birth to three more boys, all of which were taken from her upon birth. This time, however, in order to avoid anymore murder attempts on the part of Jenova, they allowed the human experiment to see her children. She was still not allowed to interact with them, though. For several years, she watched her three younger boys grow until they were taken away to be placed somewhere else. These children were apparently useless.

For years, Jenova stayed in the labs being researched on. However, one day she found herself alone with some delicious files that explained just why she had been held prisoner for the majority of her life. Her immune system was apparently incredibly strong. The military had hoped to harness her immune system for their soldiers since many would become ill on the battle field. She used this knowledge to her advantage. She promised to stay and be a good little experiment so long as she got to meet her first son, the strongest. Her wish was granted five years ago. Before meeting him, she had begun formulating plans for how she could take over not only the lab, but the whole world with the help from her first born Sephiroth. Unfortunately, her meeting with him did not go according to plan. Before any agreement could be reached, her true intentions were found out and she was captured, being placed once more under lock and key.

In the following five years, Jenova has begun to lose her mind. She talks of taking over the world with her sons at her side and of a place called the promised land. The laboratory sent her to Malaise, claiming that she had once been a worker who after an accident had begun to go crazy.
Symptoms Experienced
Jenova talks about taking over the world and a place called the promised land. She also seems to be under the misconception that she is some ultimate being. Jenova has also shown signs of nymphomania, using sex as a means to get her way. She tends to be incredibly vain, some of her actions caused by that feeling leading others to believe she is an exhibitionist. Lastly, Jenova has homicidal tendencies.
Name: Jenova
Age: 45
Disorders: Psychosis, Nymphomania, & Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130 lbs
Sexuality: Everything-sexual
Likes: power, her sons (especially Sephiroth), and sex
Dislikes: labs, "normal" people
Eyes: bright teal
Hair: Silver
Personality: vain, vindictive, power-hungry, violent, cunning, deranged
Talents/abilities: sex, deception, getting her way
Love Interest: None

Kidnap? Sure.
Noncon? Sure. Although... she's more likely going to rape people than be raped.
Angst? Unlikely, she's too full of herself.
Attack? Go for it.
Kill? No please
Het, yaoi, yuri? Any
Rating? MAYBE as low as PG-13, definitely going into R and NC-17 territory.


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Played by: kanoi_trace

Dislaimer: Original character property of Square Co., played for malaisehouse.
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